Project Management

Project management is much more than simply making sure your project gets off to a great start. The success of any project, regardless of size, is directly tied to job planning and ongoing project management. That’s why our staff of experienced project managers works closely with your team from start to finish. We will partner with you to meet the demands of your project, develop a timetable, and determine your needs and expectations. Click on the thumbnails below to learn more about our services.

Project Management Services

Submittal Completion
Once the job is awarded, detailed submittals must be completed that are tied to the approved project plans. These submittals provide specific information about the products in the building plans. The review and approval of these submittals ensures that the product order is correct. These submittals are updated to include any product changes (adds, deletes, or modifications) during the project.

Detailed Delivery Schedules
Ensure that products are ordered on a timely basis with lead times and delivery dates. We track shipments in real time to ensure the right products are shipped on-time, arrive undamaged, and are billed properly according to your project requirements. We deliver just the products you want, when you want them, and where you want them…by building, zone, floor, or room.

Equipment Staging and Storage
It's costly and inefficient for you if your electricians are receiving shipments, repackaging material, filing freight claims or auditing inventory levels. Viking Electric ensures that your project components are safe and secure. We are able to help you reduce costs of the following: receiving and inspecting material, removing and recycling product packaging, filing freight claims for damaged material, re-ordering, staging and storing material prior to delivery and installation. In addition, Viking Electric offers lockable job boxes to help you efficiently store, manage, and refill your inventory of supplies on the jobsite.

Risk Planning
Effective communication is always the key to maintaining your project schedule. In the event that a product does arrive late or damaged, our systems and processes are designed to provide regular project updates and mitigate these risks to keep your project on-track.

Project Closeout Support
At your request, we can provide product commissioning, product demos and training, and create post-job operations and maintenance manuals.

We've got you covered. We do this every day!