Job Boxes

Viking Electric can deliver to your project site lockable job boxes that contain a customizable inventory of miscellaneous electrical supplies for your projects. You can choose between several different types of carts; split-cab cart, side-by-side cart, shark cart, econo cart, conduit tilt cart, conduit cart with forklift pockets – all designed to organize and transport materials specific to your projects.

These job boxes can be delivered and placed on the job site according to floor, wing, or room. When the box runs low on inventory, Viking Electric can create product-specific labels that can be scanned using any smart device to quickly purchase and refill the materials inside the job box.

Fixture Carts

In addition to job boxes, Viking Electric can deliver lighting fixture carts to your job site. The original intent of these carts was to provide a better way for our electrical contractor customers to receive and transport multiple recessed troffer fixtures on the job site. However, in response to some unique requests, we now provide carts that carry recessed cans and trims, emergency exit fixtures, surface mount linear, under-cabinet, and other types of lighting fixtures and components.

Viking Electric can also remove and recycle light fixture packaging before it reaches the jobsite, which can help increase productivity and reduce jobsite waste. In short, our associates can receive, handle, organize and supply your light fixtures and associated project materials, leaving you to focus on doing what you do best.

For more information about Viking Electric’s full line of materials handling carts in your area, please contact your Viking Electric Account Manager.