Product Tracking and Reporting

eTrack is a tracking and reporting tool designed to improve your knowledge about product quantities on the job site. eTrack eliminates guesswork by providing regularly scheduled and accurate reporting about how much product has been used versus how much was ordered or estimated. Best of all, eTrack is a no-charge, value-added Viking Electric service!

Keep Your Project On Track With eTrack

Give us your stock product bill of materials and we'll report back to you on a pre-determined, scheduled basis how much product you've purchased from us for the project.

eTrack Features:

  • Reports on Quantities Used vs. Ordered
  • Reports on Quantities Remaining
  • Reports on Percentages of Quantities Used
  • Reports on a Pre-Determined Schedule
  • Accurate Counts Eliminate Guesswork

Download the Viking Electric eTrack Brochure