Viking Electric offers a wide variety of digital solutions, designed to make your job easier and more efficient. Check out the ways we can help your business thrive:

Save Time. Save Money. Go Digital! Find out how much you can save going digital with

Accurate inventory is everything and eFill allows you to scan inventory items that you use most from ANYWHERE including your vehicle, jobsite, warehouse or office. Use eFill for fast, easy delivery or will-call. Best of all, eFill is a no-cost, value-added service that works with any size inventory management system.

If purchasing efficiencies are key to the success of your business, look no further than eLink. eLink provides a seamless connection between your purchasing or accounting system and Viking's order entry system. Best of all, eLink is a no-charge, value-added Viking service that helps you process product orders instantly and accurately.

eQuote makes accessing, managing, and processing your vital cost quotes simple and easy. Your information is stored online, so you have 24/7 access to your quotes via the Viking website or mobile app. Best of all, eQuote is a no-charge, value-added Viking service that easily converts quotes to an order for fast delivery to your office, jobsite or will-call.

Viking Electric's suite of eSolutions was developed to improve your productivity and your bottom line. Our Business Specialists are here to provide guidance and assistance with all of Viking's eBusiness solutions. Best of all, many of these value-added business solutions are available from Viking at no-cost to you, our valued customers.

eTrack is a tracking and reporting tool designed to improve your knowledge about product quantities on the job site. eTrack eliminates guesswork by providing regularly scheduled and accurate reporting about how much product has been used versus how much was ordered or estimated. Best of all, eTrack is a no-charge, value-added Viking service!

Time is money and the Viking mobile application makes your job easier. Check prices and availability, shop items and place orders, create lists of products that you order most, view specifications and invoices, and much more. With access to more than 30,000 inventory items in the palm of your hand, the Viking mobile app is there when you need it.

Create saved lists of your favorite products and instantly add them to your shopping cart.

Learn about Viking's mobile app and how to use the barcode scanner to find and order products with ease.

Time is money and VikingOnline is there when you need it. Get real-time product pricing and availability 24/7. Shop for products and have them delivered directly to your shop or job site. Create shopping lists for the products you order most often. View product details, specifications, invoices, order history and much more.