Online Bill Pay (ACH/Online Check Payment)

Billtrust gives you the tools to manage your account(s) anywhere at your convenience. Stay organized by eliminating paper. Save time by reducing manual data entry. Search through historical information. All while knowing your account is safe and secure.

Manage invoice and statements

  • Missing invoices? Reprint on demand
  • View invoices, statements, and balance 
  • Email invoices in a batch once per day

Import into your accounting software

  • Receive daily electronic invoices and files
  • Reduce keying errors
  • Upload into Quickbooks®, Peachtree®, Timberline®, and more

Improve your company cash flow

  • Get invoices to your customers sooner 
  • Use invoices for job billing or job costing

Save time. Save money. Save a tree. Enroll in Billtrust today!

Getting Started is easy!

1. Contact us for your enrollment token and account number

2. Sign up for a Billtrust account

3. Once your account is confirmed, login to begin online bill pay