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Top Reasons To Shop Online Today

  •  We're NEVER closed - Available 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  •  Quickly find what you are looking for
  •  View your contracted stock and job pricing
  •  Easy access to all of your job/project quotes
  •  Reorder items from your past order history
  •  View your frequently purchased items (Top 50)
  •  Place an order for pickup at any of our locations
  •  Ship to your shop or direct to your job.
  •  Easily reconcile your orders by viewing all open orders or invoices
  •  Create personalized shopping lists for quick and easy ordering

Need Some Help? This Guide Will Show You All You Need To Know


In order to view pricing and inventory, you must register online. Once approved, you can log in to the website.

  • Click on "Register" and answer "Yes" when asked if you currently have a credit account.
  • You will use your account number, which can be found on your invoices. Be sure to use your main account number and not a job account number.
  • Please note that it may take 24 hours for your account information to load and for your registration to be approved.
  • Once registered, click "Remember Me" to store your username, and on your next visit you will only need to enter your password.


We have organized our products into recognizable categories so finding what you are looking for is fast and easy!

  • Search for products by manufacturer, Viking Part Number, UPC code, keyword, product description, electrical slang and by your own unique part number.
  • When searching by keyword, use the "Narrow Your Search" feature on the left side of the screen to refine your search. You can filter results by previous purchases, specific manufacturer, category, brand name, etc.
  • Have a unique part number? We can add them into our system to make searching even easier!


Your exclusive pricing is displayed in real-time when logged in to your online account.

The inventory you see is what we have available at each of our locations. You can also check stock on multiple items by adding them to your shopping cart. (You can always delete items from the cart if needed.) Save time and know before you go!

Thousands of manufacturer spec sheets are available for products on the site and are linked directly to the manufacturer's catalog. Simply search for a product and from either the search results list or the product details page click the PDF link labeled "Detailed Specifications". You can download, print and copy or email these specs right from our website.

We make it easy for you to work more efficiently! Once you are registered you can view your top 50 most frequently purchased items. This list is compiled of all products you have purchased from us in the past 18 months and is not only limited to your online sales. You can also view and reorder directly from this list. To access this list, select Lists (top right), then select Frequently Purchased Items (left).

You can also get information on all of our Specialists and departments.

With the Lists feature, there is no need to search through categories and through thousands of products to find the material you need. Check the box next to the item you would like to save, and click "Add To List +" from the product search results. From the dropdown box, choose to Create a New Private or Account List, or add to an existing saved list. You can also choose more than one product from your search results and "Add All Selections to List +". Once you have your lists created, you can order the entire list or select only the items you need to add them to your cart. The lists are very easy to manage and can be edited or updated according to your needs.

  • Account Lists can be accessed by anyone with a username tied to your company account.
  • Private Lists can only be seen and accessed by the creator.

If you have manufacturer part numbers, Viking part numbers, UPC codes or your own unique part numbers in either an Excel template or Word document, you can cut and paste these numbers along with quantities into the Quick Order Pad. You can then add them to your shopping cart or a List. Find the Quick Order Pad from the Menu under "My Account".


Easily purchase product in three simple steps:

  1. Check the box next to the product and select "Add To Cart". The item and the quantity you entered will be added to your shopping cart.
  2. At the checkout, choose "Ship" or "Will Call". If you select "Will Call", choose the branch you want and you'll see the inventory that is available at the selected Will Call location. Choose "Ship To" and have it delivered directly to your job site!
  3. Click "Checkout" to complete your order - It's that easy!


After you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation via email.


Choose to have your order "Ship when items are available", "Ship complete" or "Ship all items on a requested date". Do you have a special request? Just type it in the "Special Shipping or Handling Instructions" box. (e.g. Call Dave 10 minutes before delivery 555-555-5555).

Need Next Day Shipping?

Most orders are available for next day delivery or same-day pickup. Depending on location and time, twice a day deliveries can also be scheduled. Orders place past the cut-off time on Friday will be delivered on Monday.  Orders placed after the cut-off time on Saturday and Sunday may be delivered on Tuesday.



  • Select Orders (top right).
  • Easily find expected delivery dates along with an estimated delivery time.



  • Select "Orders" (top right) then Invoiced Orders (left). Click the "Search Invoiced Order" button to easily filter and search through your past 18 months worth of invoices. You can filter by PO, Job Name, Manufacturer, Unique Customer Part Number, Viking Part Number, Order Number or Date Range.
  • When you click on an "Order Number" the order will open. You have the option to reorder the same material or add it to a saved list.

  • All account invoices, credits, backorders and directs are available to find online regardless of how the material was purchased. You don't need to order the material online to view the invoice online.